Storage of electric bikes in winter

Storage of Electric Bikes in Winter

In the winter when excessively low temperatures and harsh road conditions may not be suitable for you to use your e-bike, you may be wondering about storing your e-bike for such a long time.

Tips for storing e-bikes

Clean before storing

Your e-bike, just like your car, needs maintenance and should be cleaned regularly. You should remove all dirt from the e-bike frame and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Make sure to check that the battery contacts are clean and dry to prevent corrosion. Then, lubricate the chain to protect it and turn the pedals to rotate the chain to ensure that the lubricant circulates around the system.

Storing the e-bike battery

The best way to store e-bike accessories such as batteries is to remove them from the e-bike. Batteries are the beating heart of an e-bike, and like the human heart, they are the most sensitive part of the whole. Over time, all batteries lose capacity, which means they lose the amount of power they can hold. Proper storage of batteries protects their charge capacity and thus maximizes their life.

Prepare for the upcoming spring

After storing your e-bike, be sure to prepare it for the new bike season. The best and most convenient way to do this is to take it to your local bike store for a tune-up. Here, they will check to make sure your brakes and gear lines are tight and everything is in order. They check the brake pads, chain lube, shifters and other items so that you have a safe and perfectly functioning bike when you return to the saddle.
Once adjusted, take your bike out for a short test ride to make sure everything is in order. Check the brakes, gears, and make sure everything is as you want it to be. If you find any problems, simply return to the bike store and they will be happy to fix it for you.

Batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid freezing; a wooden surface is recommended for use in the garage. However, if you live in an extremely cold place, i.e., below freezing, sneak in and bring the battery indoors and hide it in a safe place. Batteries are best stored near room temperature (32 °F - 104 °F) and can withstand extreme temperatures in either direction; but there is only a short time before temperatures start to affect their chemistry and damage the battery.

Properly storing and protecting your e-bike is common sense that every rider should learn. If you do, then you'll get pleasure from your investment for years to come! Don't be afraid to take your e-bike out of storage for a nice weekend and then put it back in, each time you do this just follow the tips above to store your e-bike and you're ready to go!

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