How to Change Your Rear Bike Tire

How to Change Your Rear Bike Tire

Tools Needed For Changing Your Rear Bike Tire

You will need the following tools to change a rear bike tire.

A Spare Tube

Ensure that the tire tube you are using fits your wheel. The diameter and the width are the two quantities to consider, which can be 29 inches and 2 inches, respectively. These numbers must be visible on your tire and your tube (or the tube's packaging). A 27.5-inch tire tube might fit either a 26-inch or a 29-inch wheel in a pinch, but having the correct size spare tube will make the process much easier.

A Tire Lever

It is a compact, lightweight tool that makes removing the tire much easier.

A Patch Kit

This one is optional, but it is handy to have in case you forget your tube or experience many flats while riding (it sucks, but it happens).

A Wrench/Bike Tool

You will probably need a wrench to remove the bolts if you do not have a fast release to remove your wheel. Or, if you have skewers that are theft-proof, you will need specialized tools to remove them.

An Inflation Device

If you are replacing your tube at home, you can use a floor pump or carry a handheld pump. Alternatively, you can quickly fill your bike tube with a CO2 cartridge and inflator. While many individuals find that CO2 does not last as long in your tires as regular air does, these canisters are smaller, lighter, and more convenient to carry than a hand pump. Make sure your inflation device is compatible with the type of valve you have, regardless of the inflation device you use. Many tubes use Presta or Schrader valves. Many automobiles and motorcycles have Schrader valves, and Presta valves contain a nut that must be loosened.

Details Steps About How To Remove And Reinstall Your Rear Bike Tire

Are you afraid of how to change a rear bike tire? or remove both wheels to store your bike in the trunk of a car? Are you worried you will mess up the chain or get all greasy? Or would never be able to reinstall the rear tire?

The good news is that the removal or reinstallation of a rear tire does not impact shifting or chain. If you work cautiously you will not have to touch the greasy drivetrain. Here is how to accomplish it on any derailleur-equipped bicycle, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and any other 2-wheelers in between.
Because of the gears and the derailleur, changing the back wheel of a bike might be trickier than changing the front wheel. You should remove the rear tire when doing tire or inner tube repairs. Be careful when using a tire with the same inner diameter when replacing a rear tire. Bring the removed bike tire to a cycling shop so that you can reinstall it.

1.As you pedal, change the bike's gears to the highest setting. The chain is then moved to the smallest gear cog on the back wheel as a result.

2.To open the brake, loosen the tension screw on the back brake shoes.

3.With your right hand, grasp the derailleur and pull it back as your left hand turns the quick-release lever to the open position. When changing gears, the derailleur shifts the chain from one cog to the next.

4.Holding the derailleur back, lift the back wheel off the ground. To get the rear tire free of the rear forks, push it down and forward.

5.After replacing the rear tire, assemble the chain to the smallest gear cog. Ensure the quick release is still open while holding the derailleur back from your right hand.

6.Attach the bike's rear forks to the replacement rear tire. Check that the well is fastened in the dropouts at the end of the rear forks by centering it.

7.Tighten the tension screw on the rear brake shoe and close the quick release.

Examine the brake pads' condition while the tire is detached from the bike frame, and replace them if necessary. Ensure the wheel is locked into the frame firmly before getting on your bike. An accident could occur if it is not stable and comes loose.


If you need to fix a puncture, mount your bike on a trainer, or disassemble your bike, you must learn how to change a rear tire. Dealing with flat tires on your bike can be aggravating. You can, however, avoid all of this if you are well-prepared. So gather your gear and follow these simple instructions to get back on the road. Many riders find it difficult to remove the rear tire because it can become entangled between the chain and the rear derailleur. You can quickly and easily remove and reinstall your rear tire using these instructions.

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