Electric bicycle battery problems and their solutions

Electric bicycle battery problems and their solutions

How to Test Your Electric Bike Battery

The battery is the most crucial part of any electric bike. No matter whether it's composed of lithium or lead, it's important to check and maintain your bike battery every day. If you take such care of your electric bicycle, it will last you for many years. In that case, how can one verify that an e-battery bike's is functioning properly?

The voltage, current, and resistance of your battery can be checked to determine its health. Get a multimeter for precise measurements at the outset. Join it to the wall socket. Select the course of treatment that most appeals to you and get going on it. The battery should be charged to capacity and removed from the bike's frame once charging is complete. After removing the battery, use the multimeter to check its status. Most feature a "test load battery" option you can try first.

The voltage of the battery should then be checked. Verify that the resultant voltage satisfies the specifications of your electric bike. After that, measure the current to get a sense of the battery's power output. You should test its durability as a last resort. The higher the voltage of your electric bike's battery, the lower the current flowing through it. Check the collected data against the instructions provided.

Common Electric Bike Battery Problems and How to Solve it

Electric Bike Battery Pack Swollen

If your e-bike battery pack is bloated, there is likely a serious problem with one or more of the lithium-ion cells inside. If you suspect a bloated battery, the only method to check is to remove the battery pack (which requires dropping the bottom plate). As a precaution, you should disconnect some wires before proceeding.

Electric Bike Battery Not Charging

If your battery is not charging, you should check the following before proceeding:

  • Have you made sure the power switch is on?
  • When it's working, does the charger generate more than 36 V?
  • It seems like the battery has overheated.
  • Is there grime in the charging port?
  • How long has the battery been dead?
  • Is there a possible fuse that has been blown in the bike's charging system or battery pack?

Electric Bike Battery Not Running For Very Long

If you find that the battery life of your e-bike is not what it used to be, check the following:

  • Do you know if the battery pack is fully charged?
  • I was wondering if your disc brakes squeak at all.
  • Are there hills around here?
  • Would you say that you're peddling to charge your battery?
  • Are your e-wheel bike's bearings spinning freely?
  • A short circuit in the battery, wires, or motor.

A rapid discharge of the battery could occur under any of these circumstances.

Tips for Electric Bike Battery Maintenance

  • Maintain your service schedule, use the appropriate mode when appropriate, build a safe charging station
  • Avoid complete regular battery discharge
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Maintain a dry battery
  • Maintain a 60% battery charge
  • Steer clear of unusual chargers


Hopefully, the tips I've outlined above will help you keep your e-bike running fast and for a long time. The battery is the most expensive and most difficult part of an e-bike to replace. Be ready to replace your bike batteries quickly if you choose a low-quality one.

Invest in a high-quality e-bike battery to increase or create your bike's durability. E-bikes are typically pricey. Durability is the major consideration when buying one. I sincerely hope the information helped you replace the battery effectively and affordably.

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