Thank you for choosing Kornorge e-bikes and showing interest in our products. To ensure that you have a clear understanding of our warranty policy, please read the following warranty information.

Here are some important warranty details:

  1. Accessory Warranty: Please note that accessories sold on Kornorge.com are not covered under warranty. The warranty applies only to e-bike products directly sold by us.

  2. External Factors: Please be aware that proper precautions must be taken during regular use to prevent exposure of the bike and battery to harsh weather conditions. Using the e-bike in extremely wet, hot, or cold conditions may void the warranty.

  3. Transportation Damage: We will replace any parts deemed to have been damaged during shipping. Shipping damage must be reported to Kornorge within 14 days of shipment arrival. This applies to all products including bikes and accessories.

  4. Warranty Claims: If you need to file a warranty claim, please contact our customer service team and provide relevant evidence such as photos or videos to assist us in accurately diagnosing the issue and processing the warranty claim.

  5. Warranty Processing Time: Once we receive a warranty claim and verify the issue, we will process your request as quickly as possible. Most warranty parts will be processed within 1-10 business days after confirmation by a customer service representative.

Please note that the warranty applies only to manufacturing defects and material flaws. Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, improper use, or unauthorized repairs are not covered under warranty.

For warranty service, please contact Kornorge Electric Bikes online support at support@kornorge.com


1.“Three guarantees” time limit and scope of spare and accessory parts

Moped body part

 Part name “ Three guarantees ” time limit “Three guarantees” fault category
Frame 12 months Natural open welding,sealing-off,fracture and other problems
Front fork 12 months Natural open welding,sealing-off,fracture and other problems
Handle 12 months Natural open welding,sealing-off,fracture and other problems
Standpipe 12 months Natural open welding,sealing-off,fracture and other problems
Flywheel 6 months Performance fault

Electric appliance part

Part name “ Three guarantees ” time limit “Three guarantees” fault category
Charger 6 months Performance fault
Controller 12 months Performance fault
Motor 12 months Performance fault
Battery 12 months Battery capacity reduces greater,capacity is less than 60% of the original factory capacity
Speed adjustment handle 3 months Speed adjustment is failure,display is bad
Brake handle 3 months No power off function
Assist 3 months No induction function

Vulnerable part

Part name “Three guarantees” fault category
Plastic parts,brake rubber-block,brake line,pedal,standard part,chain,rim,spoke,tube and tire and other vulnerable parts not listed Not in the scope of “Three guarantees”

2.Including in following any one case will not covered under warranty columns when users using it:

  • Exceed three packs of validity
  • Due to natural disasters or force majeure(fire, earthquake,lightning,etc) cause damage
  • Since the product does not meet the requirements of environmental cause damage
  • Failure to use the product manual requires to use,maintenance,custody,maintenance and cause damage
  • Due to unauthorized disassemble,make alterations and other human factors cause damage
  • During the transport,handling or riding cause damage by human factors
  • Unable to provide valid proof of purchase
  • Non-product quality problems caused damage

3.Additional Services

If not within the scope of the warranty ans can be serviced, the company offers a paid service, the final interpretation of the contents of this service owned by the company

Note: Customers will bear the shipping costs and related fees back and forth when returning to factory for repairing The warranty period counts up from the date of delivery from factory