How to Choose the Right Ebike Battery?

How to Choose the Right Ebike Battery?

The battery is the most crucial component of an electric bike. We are confident that you realize the significance of your e-bike battery, whether you are a new or experienced e-bike rider. However, the majority of e-bike riders have the same question. How to Choose the Right Ebike Battery?

1. Check the voltage



General electric bikes are 36V or 48V, usually there is a sticker or engraving on the battery or motor (similar to the picture on the right, the detailed parameters of the battery are listed on it), please choose the battery with the same voltage.

AH is the unit of capacity, which does not affect the applicability of the battery.


2. Measure the width of the battery compartment

 The length from the seat tube to the slide rail

3. Measure the dimensions of the base

①: Width of the base - 7.4cm
②: The length of the base --- 10.4cm
③: The length of the center point of the base --- 9.4cm
④: Distance between side holes --- 5.5cm
⑤: Vertical hole distance --- 6.0cm
⑥: Length of 4-pin connector---4.0cm
⑦: Width of 4-pin connector --- 2.0cm
⑧: Battery reserve slot position --- 0.5cm

Note: If steps 1 and 2 are appropriate, but the base of step 3 is not appropriate, you need to manually replace the base


Referring to the picture above, the left side is the base and connector we bring with us. If they do not match your original base (the base on the right), you will need to replace them manually yourself, which requires some repair skills. Please contact our customer service and they will be happy to advise you on your purchase

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